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Observatoire Centre Ardenne

The “Observatoire Centre Ardenne” (OCA) is open to all on request.

The observatory stages regular or one-off activities throughout the year: visits, observing the night sky, lectures, courses for children and adults, corporate events, birthdays and anniversaries, exhibitions, open day (open night?) to mark the Night of the Perseids (14 August), Dark Sky Night, Astronomy Day, La Marche GPCiel (orienteering by the stars), etc.

The aim of the Observatoire Centre Ardenne is to bring amateur and professional astronomers together to share their experiences and ideas. It also sets out to inform and educate in the field of astronomy and related sciences, and the staff of the observatory work hard to spread their message to the public, with special emphasis on children, students and the disabled.

The observatory is home to a 610mm aperture telescope, one of the most powerful in Belgium. One of the six domes on the site has been specially modified for visitors with reduced mobility. The “Accessible Etoile” dome offers access to the stars for those suffering from motor or mental disability, however mild or severe, and is a first of its kind in Belgium.

As well as providing a meeting place, laboratory and research facility for astronomers, the observatory also welcomes tourists, families and students and has developed a new concept in “sky classes” and courses. For those wishing to make a longer stay, the observatory has special agreements with local accommodation facilities and gites.

The OCA is also a nature observatory: every other year, the Belgian Naturalists’ Circle (CNB) organises a training session for nature guides.

Chemin de la Source, 100
6840 Grapfontaine




 The Ham Museum

In this former Ardennes farmhouse, you and your children will be introduced to the curing techniques, smells and tastes of the past. Walk past the glass-fronted cold store and through the smoking room where the hams are slowly cured. Sausages mature in the fermenter before being hung up to dry in a room on the north (coolest) side of the house. Taste and take home our products and a range of other carefully selected, traditionally made delicacies. And before you go, don’t forget to say hello to the sanglochons, a cross between the domestic pig and wild boar.

Chaussée de Namur, 42
6840 Verlaine


The Telephone Museum

Emilie Thines, a telephone enthusiast who once worked for Belgium’s telephone and telephone operator in the days when it was known as RTT, will show you round her collection of over 800 telephones and a number of switchboards. The collection also incudes RTT uniforms, enamel plaques, old telephone directories and a selection of English, French and Belgian telephone boxes.  

Rue des Espagnols, 6
6840 Petitvoir

The Museum of Rural Life

Here you will find a reconstitution of a kitchen from your grandparents’ day, a variety of old agricultural and other implements, old-style wood-burning stoves and a working forge. Everything is designed, realised and laid out to re-create the atmosphere of the interiors our grandparents would have known.  

And why not visit the tavern and restaurant in authentic 1900 style, complete with period furniture, for a pleasant moment sampling the atmosphere of over a century ago?

Edgard Grévisse

Chaussée de Luxembourg, 13
6840 Offaing


Administration communale de Neufchâteau

Grand Place 1
6840 Neufchâteau