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The castle and its history

As the Timeline on the eastern façade of the Institut Saint-Michel indicates, the history of the commune of Neufchâteau stretches back over a period of 5,000 years.


The history of the town itself dates back to 1199, when work began to build a castle on the spot.

The traces of this castle have now been unearthed. Its exact location is shown on the famous Arenberg Map of 1609, a copy of which features on the gable wall of the Maison Bourgeois in the town centre.

A walk of about an hour and a half will introduce you to what was once the castle of Neufchâteau, with the help of explanatory panels along the route.

Pick out the castle’s different towers (including the famous Griffon Tower), the 90 metre long rampart and the Lombard Tower (the châtelet, or small castle).

The life of Seigneur Evrard de La Marck, lord of Neufchâteau, will hold no secrets for you. The walk ends near the scale model (1:20) of the castle.

The restoration is not complete: traces of the former Orchimont Tower (16.9 metres in diameter) hold out a tantalising invitation to continue restoring Neufchâteau’s heritage. 

Guided tours available on request: 50€/group. Information and bookings: 0496.41.67.94 or YnJpZ2l0dGUuZGVtb3JlYXVAeWFob28uZnI=


For more information, visit the “Friends of the Castle” website: http://www.chateau-neufchateau.be/fr/

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