Walking and mountain biking

The wooded Neufchâteau region borders the extensive Anlier Forest and offers a wide range of options for walkers and cyclists. Its lush green landscapes invite the visitor to explore its many hidden beauties either on foot or on two wheels, via the many waymarked paths.

On foot

The Tarpan walks are themed, waymarked routes along which to discover the beauty of nature and the local heritage.

The Bois d’Ospôt Nature Path starts from the Maison Bourgeois, Grand Place, 3 in Neufchâteau and leads to the Vallée du Lac and the Moulin Klepper, an old mill restored in the 18th century. As you follow it through forest and meadows, you will get a glimpse of Neufchâteau’s rich archaeological and historical past (Neolithic flint-polishing stone, Celtic burial cairns, castle remains, First World War mausoleum).

8 themed panels can be found along the path.

Distance 7km, time 1 hour 45 minutes. Accessible on foot, mountain bike and horseback.

The Craftsmen’s Path starts from Grandvoir. Seven way stations along the path are dedicated to almost forgotten trades of the past: charcoal burner, basket maker, clog maker, slater, miller, blacksmith and saddler). An informative leaflet is available, providing more information for adults and inviting children to complete a questionnaire on nature and on the trades of the past.

Distance 7.5km, time 2 hours 10 minutes. Accessible on foot, mountain bike and horseback.


The Walk through the Solar System (about 6km, time 1 hour 30 minutes) is dotted with small explanatory panels representing the planets and their position in relation to the sun. Starts from the Moulin Klepper. Pedestrians only. Explanatory leaflet available from the Office du Tourisme.

Two walks around Neuchâtel, la petite et la grande chestrolaise (shorter route: 2.5km – 40 minutes /longer route: 7km – 1 hour 45 minutes) – not waymarked: starting from the town centre, the shorter walk takes you through the streets of the town and down into a picturesque part of the valley, running alongside the Neufchâteau stream. Pedestrians only.

The longer walk continues over the hill of La Justice, the scene of fierce fighting in August 1914.

The Basse Hevau walk (14km – 3 hours 30 minutes) is not waymarked: this superb walk through deciduous forest leads you by hill and by vale and via the observatory to a series of magnificent viewpoints. Starts from and ends at the Lac de Neufchâteau.

The Vannettes walk (11.5km – 3 hours 10 minutes) starts from the lakeside campsite and takes you through the half-rural, half-industrial village of Warmifontaine, where substantial remains of the former slate quarries are still to be seen.

The forest walk, starting from the village of Petitvoir, offers an introduction to the wildlife of the Ardennes (trees, roe deer, woods and birds). A walk of some 5km (1 hour 15 minutes) accompanied by explanatory panels.

The short Rosière landscape walk (9.5km – 2 hours 20 minutes) takes you along country roads through the villages of Petitvoir and Grandvoir.

The long Rosière landscape walk (17km – 4 hours 15 minutes) takes you to the splendid Huqueni forest, alive with the sound of birdsong, starting from Petitvoir.

The short Montplainchamps-Assenois walk (7.5km – 1 hour 55 minutes) or the long Montplainchamps-Assenois walk (11km – 2hours 45 minutes). Starting from the village of Montplainchamps, this walk is an ideal opportunity to explore the local natural heritage, get back to our roots, escape to the woods and countryside of the Ardennes, and is dotted with charming hamlets and local objects of curiosity (the Chapelle du Sart and its Neolithic flint polishing stone).

Mountain biking

5 mountain biking circuits are also waymarked, starting from the Moulin Klepper car park, in the Vallée du Lac.

Les Champs  - 21.2km
Easy: A relatively flat, family-friendly circuit through the fields, along paths and farm tracks. Panoramic views to infinity. Alternative starting point from the centre of Cousteumont village

Lé Buchan – 21.8km
Average difficulty – limited technical difficulty: 569m change in altitude and a few more technically demanding sections: requires a certain level of training. Alternative starting point from the centre of Warmifontaine village.

Bois Lahaut – 27km
Average difficulty: Chemin des Morts, Croix de l’Homme: places charged with legend and history.

Les Gruserelles – 32.4km           
Average difficulty – limited technical difficulty: climbing 699m over 32.4km, the circuit offers the fit cyclist an amazing experience in the Huqueni forest. A number of explanatory panels are to be found along a circuit that is long but poses few technical difficulties. Alternative starting point from the centre of Petitvoir village.

The Neuchâtel Loop - 70.5km
Difficult but not overly technical circuit exploring the Neuchâtel area (le chestrolais) along the outside sections of other interlinked circuits. Climbs 1,441m. Start from Neufchâteau, Cousteumont, Petitvoir or Warmifontaine.

Order the circuit maps

The Maison du Tourisme du Pays de la Forêt d'Anlier can provide further information on walks in and around the communes of Léglise and Habay.

On sale:

- Tarpan map of Neufchâteau (showing 7 waymarked routes): 7.50€

- Tarpan map of Léglise: 7.50€

- Tarpan map of Habay: 7.50€

- Explanatory booklet on “The Craftsmen’s Path”: 5€

- Explanatory booklet on “Walking through the Solar System”: 1€

- Mountain biking map of Neufchâteau: 7.50€

- IGN map of Neufchâteau: 7.50€

All waymarked circuits can also be found on the website www.randobel.be

Guided nature walk

On the first Sunday of every month between March and October, sign up for a guided nature walk with one of our guides. Bookings via the Office du Tourisme de Neufchâteau: 0489.20.18.89


06 March             Namoussart                       8.30 am                Return of migratory birds

03 April                               Grandvoir                           8.00 am                Bird-watching and general walk

01 May                 Neufchâteau                     2.00 pm               Medicinal plants

05 June                                Grandvoir                          2.00 pm               The forest and its trees

03 July                  Lahérie                                               2.00 pm               Edible plants

07 August           Petitvoir                             2.00 pm               Geometry in the plant world

04 September   Massul                                9.00 am                Animal tracking

02 October         Montplainchamps          2.00 pm               Forest atmosphere


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